Adjusted Profits & Tax Returns

Image Tax return

Did you know that the figures in your final annual accounts are not quite the same figures as those required by the Inland Revenue for your annual tax-return? HMRC require businesses to calculate their ‘adjusted profits’ for inclusion in the tax return and getting it wrong can lead to extra work or even the possibility of being fined! If you have earned interest on your savings or from dividends in the tax year then your tax return can become even more challenging.

Using a professional bookkeeper means you get the entries correct first time and you’ll be confident that you’re not paying a penny more in tax than you should. I’m continually updating my training with HMRC to keep abreast of the ever-changing tax rules, so you can be assured that I’m competent, and ready to hit the ground running with your tax affairs. My HMRC Agent-Account enables me to offer any assistance you require with completing your tax returns and understanding your financial position with HMRC at any time. 


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