HMRC Penalty Appeals

Whether you’ve incurred a £100 fine for late submission of your latest tax-return or you’re years behind with your tax and in a proper pickle with HMRC, let me help you get back on track and breathe easy again. There are various grounds for appeal against HMRC penalties and I have a pretty good idea of what will and what won’t count in your favour. You must be willing to do your bit of course and commit to paying off what you do end up owing, and commit to staying compliant in the future, but imagine the good feeling of being on the right side of the authorities again or getting your penalties waived if your appeal is successful. The practice has an excellent track record when it comes to appeals and you can opt for a no-win-no-fee type contract whereby I charge you a percentage of the monies recouped or you can pay me a fixed fee or hourly rate, as you prefer. Call me on 01803 363089 for a confidential chat about your situation. I promise I won’t judge you, and I’d be prepared to liaise with HMRC on your behalf and work closely with you through the whole process.

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